Fallows Poultry

Quality chickens in rural Nottinghamshire

UPDATE April 2019: More point of lay chickens are AVALIABLE NOW. Please message us if you would like to come and visit. Chicken coops are also available to buy.

We stock a range of high quality poultry huts


Please phone 07866766171 or 01159655970 or contact us using the link above to arrange to visit us.

Welcome to Fallows Poultry

Set in rural Nottinghamshire, we rear quality point-of-lay suitable for gardens and smallholders. Our central location means that are easily accessible for customers throughout the East Midlands and beyond. 

Our birds are hardy and ideal for both gardens and commercial free range systems. They are vaccinated against common poultry diseases and wormed. All our breeds are good layers and once they have settled into their new home will be providing you with a regular supply of fresh eggs.


Chicken houses, feeders and drinkers are available now to purchase.

We now have the following varieties available for May 2019:


Coucou Maran

Sussex Star



Amber Star

Rhode Rock

Columbian Blacktail

Please bring a cardboard box or pet carrier to take you chickens home with you. If you can't find a container then we can provide a cardboard box.