Fallows Poultry

Quality chickens reared in rural Nottinghamshire 


We supply high quality hybrid chickens. We have the following breeds available now.

 Reduced price for larger quanties, please inquire for details.


The Bluebell comes from a Maran and Rhode Island Red.

They come in varieties of grey, from almost violet to dark steel


They are very docile and will make a good pet.

They lay about 260 brown eggs eggs a year.

                                   £16 each

                              Available Now



Bred from the Cream Crested Legbar

The colour of the bird varies from cream or tan through to blue and

grey, or mottled feathering, often with a lighter breast. Some are


Active bird that thrives on free range

Most (80%) lay a green or blue egg with the rest laying a range of

pastel shades. 

Columbine Eggs

                £22 each 


                                                Available Now

 Amber Star

 Amber Stars are a Rhode Island White hybrid.

These pretty docile birds are white with ginger flecks.

Amber Stars are docile and are a good if you are buying chickens for

the first time.

They can lay up to 300 eggs in thier first year of laying.

                                  £16 each

                             Available Now


 Sussex Star

Sussex Star is a pretty chicken with a calm nature and it

makes a good pet.

It is a slightly larger bird with black markings around the

neck and tail.

It is a light Sussex and Rhode Island Red hybrid.

They lay around 260 brown eggs a year.

                                            £16 each


                               Available Now


Rangers are very tame and friendly birds, they are the mainstay of commercial egg production

They will lay light brown eggs all year round and lay 300 in their

first year of laying.

They are docile and reliable.

                                £12 each

                               Available Now


Columbian Blacktails

  These brids have a very friendly nature and adapt easily. They are easy to manage and suit a small garden group of hens or a bigger free range flock.

They will lay about 290 light brown eggs in their first year of


                            £16 each

                                Available Now                                     


 Coucou Maran

Distinctively coloured

A good natured calm bird

Egg colour- mild to ark brown with some speckling

                           £16 each

                      Available Now


Rhode Rock

Very pretty bird capable of producing over 300 eggs a year

Well established hybrid

Very good free range 

Brown eggs SOLD OUT